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Depression or Depressurization?

Updated: Apr 12

There are times when I find myself questioning my life, Life itself, especially when going through a transformation process. It was in this state of mind that I found myself when I wrote this dialogue between me and a higher consciousness within me. For the purposes of the dialogue, I'll refer to it as the Inner Wisdom Part (IW). Please note that to create more clarity, I have enhanced the initial version.

ME: Wisdom, am I depressed?

IW: No, you're depressurizing.

ME: ???

IW: You're releasing the pressure you were putting on yourself to create results.

ME: Isn't that sometimes necessary to achieve results?

IW: Pressure prevents the full expression of your being.

ME: Ah, I see! But what's happening with me right now? I feel like I'm losing interest in Life, in my life.

IW: You're depressurizing. The pressure created a tension that gave you a false sense of vitality. Depressurizing can indeed feel like a loss; the interest you had before may disappear with the absence of pressure. Actually, you are emerging from the lies held in place regarding your identity.

ME: I feel like I'm descending into hell.

IW: You're actually descending from hell.

ME: What do you mean?

IW: You're about to let go of an inner habit that doesn't reflect who you truly are. You were operating under self-imposed pressure, which is why you feel this way. You have a sense as if you're experiencing a loss of vitality but actually, it doesn't truly reflect your own vitality. Essentially, you're gaining more of yourself than losing.

ME: Funny way of gaining when it feels like losing!

IW: Yes, I acknowledge your feeling. And at the level of your being, it's good news; you're opening yourself up to receive a new space within yourself, one where pressure doesn't exist, hence the feeling of losing an identity you thought was yours, but in reality, it doesn't reflect your authenticity.

ME: OK, I understand this. But why have I been something I'm not really?

IW: This is the result of your past experiences that are present in your memories and from which you lived. For example, if you were punished, you recorded that to prevent it from happening again, you forced yourself to be someone else. Or if you were laughed at, you often unconsciously chose to disconnect from yourself to avoid experiencing that kind of situation again. Not being oneself or disconnecting from oneself leads to inner conflict and generates inner tension which, in the long run, can create pressure.

ME: Thanks for explaining; it's reassuring. But will I really succeed in life if I let go of this pressure that I thought was useful and relied on? Since losing it, I'm not inspired, and I've stopped creating my coaching program. That doesn't seem like a good sign!

IW: You're in a bigger plan right now. You're aligning with something greater.

ME: Are you saying I won't present this coaching program?

IW: No, I'm explaining that you're aligning with something greater.

ME: Greater than presenting my coaching program?

IW: You're aligning with something greater to prepare for it. You need to broaden your horizons, operate from a larger space, a greater expansion.

ME: I hear what you're saying, but why do I feel like my energy is low?

IW: Is it low, or different?

ME: Both.

IW: What makes you think it's low?

ME: I don't feel like creating my program. And for me, no interest in creating my future means I'm in a low energy state.

IW: Pressure is intensity, and its absence feels like being in a lower state. This feeling you're experiencing might seem uncomfortable.

ME: Uncomfortable, you say! Loss of desire of creating my future! And, at the same time, when I ask, "Is this uncomfortable energy I'm in, is it for creating something greater?" I get "yes" and "does it bring me closer to my authenticity?",  I receive "yes!". I wonder if I'll become dull or even boring by losing the pressure I was in.

IW: On the contrary, you're becoming more you, something people in search of their true identity seek.

ME: Hard to believe!

IW: I hear what you're saying. You'll see; everything will happen in its own time. For now, allow yourself to let go of this pressure; you're on the right path.

ME: The right path for what?

IW: To become more of the authentic being you are.

ME: I admit, moving forward without knowing where I'm going or what I'll do, feeling like I'm losing rather than progressing, and having no idea what's coming, isn't joyful!

IW: Yes, this perspective is not joyful. And, at the same time, you're aligning with the unknown, with something greater, with more of yourself.

ME: Anyway, it's not a party right now!

IW: That's okay, transformation isn't always pleasant. Allow yourself to take care of yourself during this significant transformation period.

ME: Would watching a Netflix series contribute right now?

IW: Does it bring lightness?

ME: It seems so.

IW: Then do it; it's part of living Life lightly.

ME: There's nothing logical about this.

IW: You're absolutely right.

ME: Sometimes I wonder if I'm lying to myself to do what I want rather than what I need to do. Is watching a Netflix series an act of unwillingness?

IW: What's wrong with that?

ME: Duh! I won't progress in life! There's nothing productive about it.

IW: There's a time for everything, and sometimes, watching a Netflix series can be what will create more for a greater future. Don't you believe you're aware enough to know when it's time for you to take action?

ME: Yes, it’s true!

IW: How is your body feeling right now?

ME: Tired and heavy.

IW: Would watching a Netflix series allow it to rest? Or do you want to push it until it gets sick to listen to it and rest then?

ME: Good point! It will allow her to rest. Thanks for this conversation! It doesn't necessarily make this transition easier, but at least losing this pressure makes me understand I'm on the right track.

IW: What makes this process difficult is your resistance to experiencing these new energies you're immersed in.

ME: Are you saying if I allowed these difficult energies to be present, it would be easier?

IW: It's not the energies that are difficult but your way of relating to them.

ME: But if I stop resisting, these energies will remain, and even though they represent more of the being I am, I find them uncomfortable, and I'm not sure I want them to stay.

IW: It's the lie you're trying to make yourself believe. Do you desire to receive more of your true being?

ME: Yes… So, allowing these energies to be in place would help?

IW: Yes, that's right! You asked questions, and you received the awareness that these energies create a greater future and bring you closer to your authenticity. I invite you to be consciously present and observe this new energetic space within you with curiosity while opening up to the idea of "what if this uncomfortable space represents a greater version of me?" and/or "what if this new space contributes to creating a greater future?". Having different messages like "I don't feel good", "it's uncomfortable" will create a different approach and facilitate your transformation process. Don't be surprised if this creates more ease.

ME: The fact that you bring this kind of approach already creates more lightness in me.

IW: What is true for you, as strange as it may seem, will naturally have a lightening effect.

ME: Thank you so much for taking the time to explain this to me! I feel my energy transforming.

IW: Depressurization is necessary to open you up to your true nature. Congratulations on this opening!

ME: Thank you! 😊

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