Dialogue between the Universe and I

Writing is a great way for me to put into words the energies that lie in me. This allows me, among other things, to become aware of the limitations that prevent me from clarifying the possibilities that I am experiencing.

Have you been feeling upset lately? Is there a struggle within you between the new energy that is present (hence the discomfort) and the old energy that forces you to stay in an unsatisfying reality? If so, I invite you to read this blog! And if you feel like it, let me know if you see yourself in this.

Enjoy the read!

Me: Dear Universe,

What would it take to be comfortable in the space I'm in right now? I like the idea of not working so much and I don't feel comfortable desiring this.

Also, I have no idea what the next stage of my life will look like. I ask questions and I don't get the awareness of what is required for my future. I feel like if I don't know, it's wrong. I have to do something with my life. I have to know! Otherwise, my life will turn to ruins! OKAY, it's heavy when I write it, it's a lie.

I just realized that I don't have to be aware of when and how events, people, situations will arise, because you, Universe, will take care of it. How things will happen is not up to me, my mind (or ego) does not have the ability to guide me for my future.

So why worry so much for something that's not within my purview?

What if I did not receive the guidance from You?

What if what is required of me right now is taking action?

Universe: You've learned in all of your coaching studies and many other classes that taking action is the right response to almost everything. But you often used action to distract yourself, to escape what you were going through inside. How many times have you made yourself believe that by taking action, you were doing what was required, and you realized afterwards that the actions taken had brought you little, and that, sometimes, you had to start over, all of that started with the idea that taking action was the right thing to do? Are you ready to face what you have refused to look at inside for several years now?

Me: I feel like if I do this, I won't be an effective coach.

Universe: What if you became an even more effective coach?

Me: It creates an opening in me! Thanks for this! :) Consciously choosing to do something different will open me up to a different reality. But the feeling of doing less than usual is still difficult for me.

Universe: What if it is what is required right now? There's a time for everything, you know. Is it the time for you to open up to receive guidance for the next adventure in your life?

Me: Yes, but since I haven't received it yet, I tend to believe that I missed it... it's a story that my mind (ego) tries to let me believe and, at the same time, the time is near for me to receive it!

Universe: Do you, by any chance, feel bad because your life seems so much easier than other people's?

Me: I do.

Universe: Isn't that what you wanted, a life of ease?

Me: Yes, of course! But I feel that because I work less, my value is no longer the same.

Universe: Because your value is recognized by your amount of work?

Me: Yes, and the amount of effort I put into it.

Universe: So, your identity is not related to who you are, but rather to what, when and how you do something?

Me: Good point!

Universe: Over the past two years, you have learned to be calmer, to have more peace of mind, to relax and to appreciate life. For you, was it a waste of time and yet what was created?

Me: Before, I only allowed myself this possibility when I had done a good job, as if I deserved it after having made an effort.

If I understand correctly, you're telling me that I can relax, be calm and peaceful and enjoy life, even if my life isn't what it used to be, even if I discontinue what I was doing and, above all, even if I no longer take action in the same way as before?

Universe: Yup!

Me: ???

Universe: Do you want a different life?

Me: You know it, of course!

Universe: Acting differently will allow you to nourish different energies!

Me: I know, but no longer forcing myself is not easy.

Universe: Are you ready to take action differently? Are you ready to stop choosing behaviors that result in you creating a reality that you no longer desire?

Me: What do you mean?

Universe: Let me remind you of something: you were taking action and the results weren't what you know is possible.

Me: Yes, that's right.

Universe: So, do you want to take action to get the same results (those that are created by forcing yourself to do something) or do you want to take action to open yourself up to creating different results?

Me: Seen from this angle, I admit that I prefer the second alternative.

Universe: You try to maintain in place a structure that no longer has its place. Do you really want to force yourself to do something?

Me: To be honest, no. But I must admit that it's weird for me not to force anymore.

Universe: Are you ready to let go of an approach to Life that no longer seems to work for you?

Me: Are you asking me to let go of what I know without knowing what's next?

Universe: You got it!

Me: You are asking me to let go of what I was holding onto to create my life. For me, not forcing anymore means letting go of something that, until today, led me to believe that I was doing the appropriate action to guarantee myself the security of not making a mistake. But this attitude kept me in a small life. In fact, it keeps me in a constant state of survival. And I am aware that it is not from the state of survival that I will create my dream life.

I have the impression that you are asking me to let go of the heart of what lives in me, the center of my way of relating to Life. My first intention, what!

Is this what you invite me to do, without knowing where this change will take me?

Universe: Yes, that's right. And I honor your courage to face it with such openness!

Me: In fact, you are asking me to let go of control over Life. For me, taking action was, among other things, my way of controlling Life. When I was choosing what created more for my life and for a greater future, although I did it mostly from Consciousness, in the background, it was still my desire to not make a mistake. I chose from Consciousness to do the right thing in order not to make mistakes.

So, you invite me to strip myself off of this veil of control which was my illusion of security and which kept me in smallness.

Universe: You take the words right out of my mouth!

Me: This possibility creates space… but I'm scared.

Universe: You remind me of someone just before they skydived! Are you ready to trust that I will be there to welcome you?

Me: Ouch! Where’s the assurance?

Universe: What tells you I won't be there?

Me: I never thought there would come a time when stripping myself off of this habit would be required to open myself up to greater. And, at the same time, Dah!!! of course, this is what is required.

Universe: Are you ready to open yourself to this possibility?

Me: The one where I feel like I'm falling into the void?

Universe: The one, instead of identifying with taking action to do something to create a result, you identify with someone who opens up to being more.

Me: I've heard this before...can you say more?

Universe: Being who you really are is the ultimate invitation to attract what you desire, with ease and lightness. “Being” allows you to align naturally with the possibilities that are ready to take care of you, and ‘’open the doors’’ energetically for people and situations to appear.

You were created to be you, the being you really are who lives her divinity in ease and lightness. And do you think your life would become more difficult if you allowed yourself to be who you are?

Me: My logical mind tried to make me believe otherwise.

Universe: In the past, when you were creating your life, what energy were you in?

Me: In my classes, I was calm and at ease, but for the rest, I often functioned from the contraction.

Universe: Is the contraction an energy of the being that you really are?

Me: Of course not! Well, it's part of everything, but as an infinite being, I won't choose that energy, that’s for sure.

Universe: And did you desire, from this energy of contraction, to create a greater life?

Me: I think so and I realize that there was no congruence between the energy of the life I know is possible and this contraction.

Universe: Indeed, living in contraction only allows you to receive possibilities of limited expansion. Although some were appreciated and enlarged your life (because you weren't just functioning through contraction), you knew even then that there were greater possibilities available for you.

Me: Indeed.

Universe: The process you are moving through right now is, I agree, very uncomfortable. You are opening up to new energies to which you have no reference point. Additionally, you are being asked to stop how you previously judged yourself and be open to the possibilities that are available now, but because you were judging yourself, you were unaware of those possibilities. Very destabilizing as a process and, at the same time, necessary and required for the creation of a new future.

Me: Thank you for taking the time to explain this to me in this way! When I find myself in this space of no point of reference, the first impression is this feeling of being lost, of being wrong and of believing that I am on the wrong track when in fact, I am opening up to receive new energies. At least, that's what I hear in what you say.

Universe: And do you believe that you could receive new energies if you were contracted?

Me: No, of course not! To receive greater energies, I need to be open to these energies and not in those of contraction.