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Dialogue between the Universe and I

Updated: Jan 24

Writing is a great way for me to put into words the energies that lie in me. This allows me, among other things, to become aware of the limitations that prevent me from clarifying the possibilities that I am experiencing.

Have you been feeling upset lately? Is there a struggle within you between the new energy that is present (hence the discomfort) and the old energy that forces you to stay in an unsatisfying reality? If so, I invite you to read this blog! And if you feel like it, let me know if you see yourself in this.

Enjoy the read!

Me: Dear Universe,

A dialogue between the universe and I

What would it take to be comfortable in the space I'm in right now? I like the idea of not working so much and I don't feel comfortable desiring this.

Also, I have no idea what the next stage of my life will look like. I ask questions and I don't get the awareness of what is required for my future. I feel like if I don't know, it's wrong. I have to do something with my life. I have to know! Otherwise, my life will turn to ruins! OKAY, it's heavy when I write it, it's a lie.

I just realized that I don't have to be aware of when and how events, people, situations will arise, because you, Universe, will take care of it. How things will happen is not up to me, my mind (or ego) does not have the ability to guide me for my future.

So why worry so much for something that's not within my purview?

What if I did not receive the guidance from You?

What if what is required of me right now is taking action?

Universe: You've learned in all of your coaching studies and many other classes that taking action is the right response to almost everything. But you often used action to distract yourself, to escape what you were going through inside. How many times have you made yourself believe that by taking action, you were doing what was required, and you realized afterwards that the actions taken had brought you little, and that, sometimes, you had to start over, all of that started with the idea that taking action was the right thing to do? Are you ready to face what you have refused to look at inside for several years now?

Me: I feel like if I do this, I won't be an effective coach.

Universe: What if you became an even more effective coach?

Me: It creates an opening in me! Thanks for this! :) Consciously choosing to do something different will open me up to a different reality. But the feeling of doing less than usual is still difficult for me.

Universe: What if it is what is required right now? There's a time for everything, you know. Is it the time for you to open up to receive guidance for the next adventure in your life?

Me: Yes, but since I haven't received it yet, I tend to believe that I missed it... it's a story that my mind (ego) tries to let me believe and, at the same time, the time is near for me to receive it!

Universe: Do you, by any chance, feel bad because your life seems so much easier than other people's?

Me: I do.

Universe: Isn't that what you wanted, a life of ease?

Me: Yes, of course! But I feel that because I work less, my value is no longer the same.

Universe: Because your value is recognized by your amount of work?

Me: Yes, and the amount of effort I put into it.

Universe: So, your identity is not related to who you are, but rather to what, when and how you do something?

Me: Good point!

Universe: Over the past two years, you have learned to be calmer, to have more peace of mind, to relax and to appreciate life. For you, was it a waste of time and yet what was created?

Me: Before, I only allowed myself this possibility when I had done a good job, as if I deserved it after having made an effort.

If I understand correctly, you're telling me that I can relax, be calm and peaceful and enjoy life, even if my life isn't what it used to be, even if I discontinue what I was doing and, above all, even if I no longer take action in the same way as before?

Universe: Yup!

Me: ???

Universe: Do you want a different life?

Me: You know it, of course!

Universe: Acting differently will allow you to nourish different energies!

Me: I know, but no longer forcing myself is not easy.

Universe: Are you ready to take action differently? Are you ready to stop choosing behaviors that result in you creating a reality that you no longer desire?

Me: What do you mean?

Universe: Let me remind you of something: you were taking action and the results weren't what you know is possible.

Me: Yes, that's right.

Universe: So, do you want to take action to get the same results (those that are created by forcing yourself to do something) or do you want to take action to open yourself up to creating different results?

Me: Seen from this angle, I admit that I prefer the second alternative.

Universe: You try to maintain in place a structure that no longer has its place. Do you really want to force yourself to do something?

Me: To be honest, no. But I must admit that it's weird for me not to force anymore.

Universe: Are you ready to let go of an approach to Life that no longer seems to work for you?

Me: Are you asking me to let go of what I know without knowing what's next?

Universe: You got it!

Me: You are asking me to let go of what I was holding onto to create my life. For me, not forcing anymore means letting go of something that, until today, led me to believe that I was doing the appropriate action to guarantee myself the security of not making a mistake. But this attitude kept me in a small life. In fact, it keeps me in a constant state of survival. And I am aware that it is not from the state of survival that I will create my dream life.

I have the impression that you are asking me to let go of the heart of what lives in me, the center of my way of relating to Life. My first intention, what!

Is this what you invite me to do, without knowing where this change will take me?

Universe: Yes, that's right. And I honor your courage to face it with such openness!

Me: In fact, you are asking me to let go of control over Life. For me, taking action was, among other things, my way of controlling Life. When I was choosing what created more for my life and for a greater future, although I did it mostly from Consciousness, in the background, it was still my desire to not make a mistake. I chose from Consciousness to do the right thing in order not to make mistakes.

So, you invite me to strip myself off of this veil of control which was my illusion of security and which kept me in smallness.

Universe: You take the words right out of my mouth!

Me: This possibility creates space… but I'm scared.

Universe: You remind me of someone just before they skydived! Are you ready to trust that I will be there to welcome you?

Me: Ouch! Where’s the assurance?

Universe: What tells you I won't be there?

Me: I never thought there would come a time when stripping myself off of this habit would be required to open myself up to greater. And, at the same time, Dah!!! of course, this is what is required.

Universe: Are you ready to open yourself to this possibility?

Me: The one where I feel like I'm falling into the void?

Universe: The one, instead of identifying with taking action to do something to create a result, you identify with someone who opens up to being more.

Me: I've heard this before...can you say more?

Universe: Being who you really are is the ultimate invitation to attract what you desire, with ease and lightness. “Being” allows you to align naturally with the possibilities that are ready to take care of you, and ‘’open the doors’’ energetically for people and situations to appear.

You were created to be you, the being you really are who lives her divinity in ease and lightness. And do you think your life would become more difficult if you allowed yourself to be who you are?

Me: My logical mind tried to make me believe otherwise.

Universe: In the past, when you were creating your life, what energy were you in?

Me: In my classes, I was calm and at ease, but for the rest, I often functioned from the contraction.

Universe: Is the contraction an energy of the being that you really are?

Me: Of course not! Well, it's part of everything, but as an infinite being, I won't choose that energy, that’s for sure.

Universe: And did you desire, from this energy of contraction, to create a greater life?

Me: I think so and I realize that there was no congruence between the energy of the life I know is possible and this contraction.

Universe: Indeed, living in contraction only allows you to receive possibilities of limited expansion. Although some were appreciated and enlarged your life (because you weren't just functioning through contraction), you knew even then that there were greater possibilities available for you.

Me: Indeed.

Universe: The process you are moving through right now is, I agree, very uncomfortable. You are opening up to new energies to which you have no reference point. Additionally, you are being asked to stop how you previously judged yourself and be open to the possibilities that are available now, but because you were judging yourself, you were unaware of those possibilities. Very destabilizing as a process and, at the same time, necessary and required for the creation of a new future.

Me: Thank you for taking the time to explain this to me in this way! When I find myself in this space of no point of reference, the first impression is this feeling of being lost, of being wrong and of believing that I am on the wrong track when in fact, I am opening up to receive new energies. At least, that's what I hear in what you say.

Universe: And do you believe that you could receive new energies if you were contracted?

Me: No, of course not! To receive greater energies, I need to be open to these energies and not in those of contraction.

Universe: You got it! And relaxation, calm, peace are energies that allow you this openness.

Me: Is this like throwing myself into the void and you'll be there for me?

Universe: Yes, if you allow yourself to remain open-minded, to receive and to be confident that you will receive in time and place.

Me: But what about taking action to create my life?

Universe: Open yourself up to receiving these new energies, take care of your body by doing physical and respiratory exercises, your cold water exposure sessions, walks in the forest, your clearing energy sessions, your daily 'Access Bars’, isn't it a way to take action in order to transform your vibrations, those which will open you to a greater future?

Me: It is true that in March 2020, I made the conscious choice to devote my time to the transformation of my energies, not because I felt wrong, but because I was aware that this was required for a greater life.

Universe: And you don't have to blame yourself for this.

Me: I had also made the choice, at that time, to receive guidance before taking action, much like receiving an invitation for greater possibilities. I admit that sometimes I doubt this choice.

Universe: Yes, because this choice asks you to face your old beliefs that made you take action, even if the action created a little more for you, yet still not offering you the greater possibilities, the much greater.

Me: In my opinion, some of my actions have created a lot more than a little.

Universe: Yes, I agree. And, at the same time, a greater openness than before is required in order to become aware of what you are here for. Let me remind you that you have chosen to come into this lifetime to live a life that is more satisfying, greater, more nurturing, more uplifting, more fulfilling than any past lifetime.

Me: I know it at the level of being. On the other hand, when I observe the energies before my birth, it was quite the opposite for me. I didn't want to be here, I preferred to stay between 2 worlds, I believed this was the best place to be. I am freeing myself from points of view that have had the effect of stopping me and preventing me from fully living my life here. I realize that I am here to experience something better than anything I have experienced thus far, and letting go of all these past energies will facilitate the process of creating this new life.

But I still have a doubt that if I don't work like I used to, I'm missing something.

Universe: Indeed, you are missing out on life continuing to be what it was. Your mind sends you signals, sometimes of distress, panic, anxiety, fear or doubt to get your attention because, in the way it works, there is a danger or even a risk for you if you don't act in according to established habits. In fact, the risk you take today by acting differently and following the guidance, even if the guidance is silent when you ask questions, so the risk you take is to open yourself up to different possibilities. The risk or the danger of which your mind informs you corresponds, in fact, to the risk of losing what, for you, was this past, this way of thinking and acting which no longer suits you today.

You have decided to open up, to trust and to let yourself be guided by something bigger than your mind.

Me: Yes, it's true and, at the same time, I have a lot of questions. What is the guarantee that Life takes care of me? Does Life have something bigger for me? And will it be something nurturing and satisfying for me?

Universe: Aren't you a being who is aware that Consciousness is there to support you?

Me: Yes, I've heard this before. What guarantees me this?

Universe: There is no difference between Consciousness and the being of consciousness that you really are. When you open to vibrate to this possibility of yourself, you become in energetic congruence with what is possible for you. You will receive, at that moment, the guidance of the possibilities to follow in order to create the future that you know possible since you were a teenager, because when you are the “Being”, you receive.

Me: Yes, but I realize that I have doubts about this. I believed that I had to be in control of my life, because I am the source of it.

Universe: Being in control, out of control, and keeping control represent different realities.

Me: ???

Universe: Being in control means being aware of the choices to be made that will help create a greater reality for you, for others and for the Planet. By asking questions, you have received, you are receiving and you will receive guidance to create a greater future.

Being out of control is when nothing controls you, not even your thoughts, feelings, or emotions, let alone what other people think. Your guidance is directed by your knowing, your intuition. You are open to all possibilities without any expectations, even if you have no idea how your future will appear. In fact, you give me the chance to guide you.

Keeping control means ensuring that things will stay a certain way or create a certain outcome from your thoughts, feelings, and emotions, which will create an outcome with smaller possibility. Your inner compass is not included in this. Is this what you desire?

Me: No!

WOW! It's so special! Prior to this conversation, I felt like I had lost control of my life and was trying to get it back, feeling bad for losing it!

As I write this and in light of what we have discussed before, I realize that my life is out of control and because of this, I am on the right track. I don't need to control it to create a different future. I thought I was wrong for no longer wanting to exercise control! In fact, it is what will create a bigger and more enjoyable future.

What if each time I find myself in the wrongness, I am, in fact, in what is required for the being that I really am? Our exchange is rich, Universe! Thanks for this!

Universe: :) ;)

Me: So, if my life is out of control, how can I be in control of it?

Universe: By being aware that it is out of control. Isn't it lighter?

Me: Oh yes! It's very light in my spine and in my legs, a warmth also settles there. So, what's the next step?

Universe: Whoa, Nelly! Can you recognize that if your life is out of control, you are getting rid of an inner structure that kept you rigid, in an obligation mode that did not create lightness, in an approach to living that didn't include the being that you really are?

Me: It's true! But isn't it better to have a structure to create success?

Universe: Does living your life from possibility require structure?

Me: No, not really! On the contrary, I will be more open to the guidance of possibility without being influenced by beliefs such as "I have to do this to see this appear" or "it is required for me to stop doing this". In fact, the less I act from a structure and the more I am open to what is possible, the more I assure myself of a better result. A part of me believed that I had to stay in control to ensure a result!

Universe: Control from the belief that it’s what it’s required can cause you to create a certain outcome, but never as great as a control from awareness of what is possible...

Are you ready to welcome your fears, your emotions without interpreting them as real guidance and, if you wish, use your energy tools to get rid of them?

Are you ready to let yourself be led by possibilities that will guide you through uncomfortable energies to open up to a bigger version of you?

Me: Thanks to this conversation, I realize that I will experience discomfort one way or the other: it does not matter whether I am taking action to reassure my fears and my doubts, or to move on to action to follow greater possibilities, discomfort will arise. I can't escape the discomfort.

Universe: Yes, the first will cause your life to change very little and the second, your life will become miraculous. Which discomfort do you want to choose?

Me: And you ask me this question? You should know me better, Universe! :)

Universe: I am asking you this so that you can make a conscious choice.

Me: I can't see myself staying in the same life until the end of my days. So, I choose to open up to the discomfort of living myself from greater possibilities.

And the fact of focusing on the inner work, which means transforming my limiting beliefs, while vibrating with the energies of what I wish to see appear in my life, I prepare myself to create a greater future.

Universe: Indeed, by vibrating with energies that correspond to your creative desires for a greater future, for everyone and including you, you facilitate to receive the possibilities which will create calm and relaxation in your life.

Me: Oh yes! Who would have thought that by becoming calmer, this would allow me to become an attraction for greater abundance? I really like this approach, Universe! I work on myself; I act according to what contributes to my life and the Universe will offer me possibilities that will vibrate to what I vibrate.

For example, for me, having a life of abundance creates calm and peace within me, so by becoming calm and peaceful, I will attract possibilities to me that will allow me to create this. I am aware that I will have to choose and act differently and that there will be some learning curves on my part, but I am ready for this.

Moreover, I feel myself becoming more alive as well. My body is showing me, through actions I would never have imagined, how to open up to my vitality, to my "sparkle" that I want even more in my life.

Universe: Did you hear what you just said?

Me: ???

Universe: “My body is showing me, through actions that I would never have imagined, how to open up to my vitality, to my “sparkle…”

Me: Holy cow and a half!

Universe: You take action to open up to your “sparkle” and your vitality, energies that are also part of who you really are!

Me: Yes, I asked Life for that a few years ago.

Universe: And you get what you asked for! Do you believe that you could have received this in the state of contraction in which you were?

Me: No, not at all!

Universe: Do you realize what you're reaping from the work you've chosen to do on yourself over the past 2 years?

Me: Yes, a work in the invisible to create a different result in my life. Isn't that the way to do it? Create the change within in order to attract to you the people, the situations, the events that will create the results you desire?

Universe: Yes and no. For you, that's what called you. For others, it's taking action to create an outcome, and including their inner life greatly facilitates their creative process, and it's easier on their bodies as well when they do so. In fact, the body ages less quickly.

Me: Are you saying aging is created by not being who you really are?

Universe: The more a person forces themselves to be someone other than who they really are, the faster the body will age, indeed.

Me: It is true that I looked old at 35, and today I have a youthful energy that was absent at that age. I was trying to force myself to be someone else back then. I was not aware that the creation of success is greatly facilitated when I welcome myself in what is true for the being that I really am, rather than imposing a way of being on myself.

Universe: This is one of the gifts a person receives by choosing to allow their life to be out of control.

Me: Well, I may have stopped controlling my life, but I don't think I did the same with myself.

Universe: What percentage did you do it?

Me: 15%.

Universe: Most will not exceed 8%.

Me: What? In fact, it's light when you say that! Imagine if I could afford to let myself be! Is it required for me to live my dream life?

Universe: There will come a time when keeping control of yourself will become so intolerable that you will choose something else.

Me: In this lifetime?

Universe: If you choose!

Me: I don't like it when you're not specific!

Universe: It's up to you!

Me: I know, I know.

Universe: What if you didn't have to know for it to happen?

Me: OK, OK.

Me: Universe, I still have questions about creating my life.

Universe: Yes, I'm listening.

Me: The life I have right now, did I create it from my thoughts or from the possibilities?

Universe: Is your life contracted or expanded?

Me: It depends on the area. There is more expansion in my personal life than professional.

Universe: And?

Me: I feel wrong that it is like this. I like what it has become and, at the same time, I feel guilty about it.

Universe: Do you use guilt to make sure you're not comfortable in your life?

Me: I use guilt because it's my way of allowing myself to live a life of ease. Keeping myself guilty is a way to demonstrate that I am a good person and to prove that I have a good conscience. Imagine if I weren't guilty of living a life of ease that most people don't, who would I be?

Universe: Do you really want to prove that you are a good person or would you rather accept the choices that work for you, even if they are very different from what others choose?

Me: The second alternative is lighter for me. OK, I give myself the right to live a different life from others and, in addition, there is a lot of ease in my life.

My God, I judged people who had this kind of life so much!

Universe: An old saying says that we become what we judge.

Me: What if it was my judgment that was wrong? Because if I stand by my judgement, I will never allow myself to live my life of ease from what works for me.

Universe: Since when do you believe judgments are true?

Me: Oh! It's true! Thanks for reminding me! :)

Thank you, Universe, for this wonderful conversation, it allowed me to open my mind to what I was judging and which, in fact, was a contribution to creating a greater future for me. It's really different than from what I thought!

Universe: The more you believe things have to happen a certain way, the more you block the possibilities that will create the life you desire. And those new possibilities will never appear the way you imagined.

I celebrate your openness to receiving new energies that create a greater reality, and letting go of those that go against the grain. Bravo! And welcome to the world of possibilities!

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