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Letter to the Universe (Published on March 15, 2016)

Updated: Jan 24

Dear Universe, I am speaking to you today, since I desire to deepen our relationship. You are the partner with whom I co-create my life, you are the one that organizes the ‘how’ of my questions, and I actually know you very little. I desire to know more about you. I am curious to know the way you receive my answers, if you are hearing them, and often, I wonder if you really exist. You surely know me, since I talk with you every day. I ask you a lot of questions in regards to what I desire to create and receive in my life and living. Although I am aware of your great generosity and magnanimity, I often have doubts about what you will be offering to me.  Am I going to receive what I asked for?  Did you hear me? Did you forget me? Am I left behind? What if what I was requiring was too much?  Too pretentious?  What if what I asked is not corresponding to who I be?  What if what I ask was not working for me? Are you going to offer me what I desire, and am I going to miss the possibility? Worst than that: what if you were refusing to give it to me? Do you believe I am an excessive dreamer? With everything I desire, it’s as if I was requiring another life.  It’s not that I don’t like the one I have. On the contrary, my life is becoming more and more what I desire. I would like to add another dimension that, from my mental point of view, seems inconceivable, i.e. living in the opulence, the exuberant abundance, the lightness, the expansion, the peace with myself, the joy of living, the ease dreamed since I was young and a different social status. All of this seems out side of me and, at the same time, possible. And when I ask this, Universe, I wonder what do you do with all this?  Do you think I am unrealistic?  Do you scratch your head (if you have one!) J to find a way for me to receive all this? I am trying to figure out how you will do it, knowing that it will probably be different from my expectations. Tell me, as you are the one that orchestrates everything, what is required of me to do, to be and /or have different to generate, create and actualize all this? Thanks in advance Edith

letter to the Universe

Here’s what the Universe replied: Hello Edith,  Thanks for talking with me directly. Thank you for sharing all your questions. At this moment, I am orchestrating everything in a way that, when the time comes, you will receive everything that you asked for… in a way that you cannot imagine. Don’t ever doubt! Everything is being put in place and when the time comes, you will get the possibility, and your life will transform at the speed of space... if you choose it. I hear you and don’t be afraid, everything is getting orchestrated. There is a moment where you will look back at your past, this step that you are about to live, and you will say, ‘WOW! How could I have doubted?’ I have everything to offer, and it’s easy for me. I don’t have any limit. It’s part of who I am, it’s my way to function. I don’t have any point of view in regards to whatever people ask, what I offer them, I don’t have any specific program for you, or for anybody by the way. I don’t have any point of view about who is asking what… I offer you what you ask, to the measure of what you are asking and of what you are ready to receive. Do you want to receive what you desire? Allow you to BE it… don’t put any barrier between you and what you are asking for. To answer the question, ‘What if I ask something that does not correspond to who I be’, here’s my answer, ‘What if you could choose what you desire to be? What if there’s no limit to who you choose to be?  What if you would create yourself to the degree of everything you desire? You know and you have always known what is possible for you... Is it the time for you to allow you to be who you are in your totality?’ I offer in an unlimited way…. People are masters of their lives. I only respond to what they allow for themselves… with no point of view… it’s my way to work. The Universe

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