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Brisk Steps and Heartfelt Talks: A Journey of Connection and Contribution

This text served as my introduction on my website, capturing a significant part of my journey. Recently, I've undergone considerable personal growth, and a feeling has emerged, urging me to express something new. However, despite the changes, I'm hesitant to let go of this text. It holds a special place in my heart as a cherished memory of my father and me, as well as my initial inquiries into how I could contribute and support others.

Happy reading! :)

During my adolescence, I took pleasure in engaging in physical exercise (an interest that still persists today). During the summer, I would create a discreet space in the family parking lot, hidden between the truck and the differently parked car, where I would perform my daily exercise routine. Among my workout companions was, among others, a vinyl record titled "En forme avec Gilbert Delorme," a renowned Quebecois athlete (former hockey player for the Canadiens). Dreaming in technicolor, I secretly hoped to get to know him someday. Celine Dion had the chance to meet him during the production of her music video for the song "D'amour et d'amitié."

Brisk Steps and Heartfelt Talks

Another way to stay active was to walk with my father. I loved his brisk pace, perhaps the origin of my current brisk gait. The highlight was not going down the hill on Main Street in our village, but rather racing up it at a brisk pace. My father maintained his energetic rhythm, even climbing the half-kilometer hill. In his eyes, I could see the mischievous spark heralding the onset of physical exertion. I appreciated the sensation of effort and the beats of my heart at the top of the hill.

What I cherished above all was our conversations. Through the challenging moments he faced at that time, I was there to listen. I often wondered how to bring him comfort. I remained deeply concerned about his well-being. Offering different perspectives aimed at inspiring him to adopt a more compassionate mindset towards himself was my wish.

Many Questions!

This experience of making a positive impact in his life was rewarding. Even at that age, I explored different perspectives for others to discover what could facilitate their approach to Life and what they were going through.

These moments were unique to me; I felt connected to him in a special way. During these sometimes magical moments, nothing else mattered. I felt valued as he listened and responded to my ideas. It wasn't every day that I could have his attention, choose to express myself, and be heard by him, all of which nourished me internally.

Throughout our relationship, I experienced highs and lows in my desire to contribute. What made my advice, which was helpful for others, sometimes ineffective for him? What made it work sometimes and not others? I understood that I could contribute to his well-being when he was ready to embrace it for himself.

Liberating Perspectives

Today, my aspiration to make individuals' lives easier remains deeply rooted within me and serves as the guiding thread of my life. Caring for others, exploring the various possibilities of what they are willing to receive, and choosing words that dissolve internal obstacles, inspire higher aspirations, and facilitate a smooth transition, all of this brings a lightness to my life.

My personal journey has allowed me to understand that when someone acts contrary to their aspirations, it is often the result of internal programming influencing their behavior. In reality, their own internal obstacles are energies that I perceive through my intuitive ability. With various powerful tools operating at a deep and unconscious level, the blockages and difficulties fade away.

The moments spent with my father are unforgettable, precious instances where, unknowingly, I began practicing my current mission: to facilitate people with different perspectives so that they are inspired to honor their true ease.

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