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Personal Coaching

For the past thirty (30) years, I have been on a quest to satisfy my desire 

to learn,

to understand

and to become aware

of human nature

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It's an inner impulse, 

a curiosity that awakens the life within me! 

Through out this discovery, I experienced ups and downs.

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During this exploration, the trials I've faced have prompted me to ponder fundamental questions:

These troubles have opened me up to wonderful gifts that would not have come to fruition otherwise, including another way of being in relationship with myself, with others, and with life itself: 

  • What have we come here to experience?

  • What is the meaning of life?

  • Is Life truly supportive of us?

  • What conditions foster a fulfilling, authentic, and sustainable life?

  • Etc

  • An open-minded approach

  • A boundless and caring embrace of what is currently in place

  • An ability to listen to both what is expressed and what lies beneath

I encountered many difficulties attempting to control the currents of life or to control myself to achieve certain outcomes, but it proved futile.

Today, I am learning to let Life go through me rather than trying to go through It.


The blessings that come from this bring me much peace, serenity, tranquility, and different perspectives.

In essence, learning to live in harmony with Life is about aligning with our true nature.

My expertise lies in assisting individuals who are ready to explore their relationship with themselves with the aim of optimizing it, regardless of the domain.

I believe that genuine happiness is achieved when we align with our inner authenticity, rather than seeking alignment from external factors. 

Alignment with our personal integrity naturally engenders sensations of peace and fulfillment, drawing synchronicities toward us as Life unfolds to provide remarkable support.

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Coaching Session Format

The challenges we encounter are not without purpose; they arise simply because we are not aligned with an identity that reflects our true nature.

I use techniques and tools designed to facilitate and support the alignment process in your spiritual, mental, professional, financial, relational, emotional, physical well-being, life management, and personal development journey.

Each session is approached and facilitated with my intuitive abilities, which promote faster access to the desired alignment. These allow me to perceive energies and subtle dynamics, such as communicating with your Superconscious, your inner genius.


My intuitive abilities enable:

Deep awareness




I can perceive and understand the feelings, aspirations, obstacles, and motivations of others in a deep and subtle manner.

Different questions

My questions, diverse and powerful, are guided by a higher intelligence, resulting in clarity and openness to consider a situation from an unanticipated angle, thus avoiding over-analysis.

Connection with the inner genius





I am able to engage in a conversation with the inner genius of each individual.

Recognition of individual differences


I am aware that each individual is ready to receive and transform different aspects of their life, with this readiness varying from person to person.

Improvement of efficiency




My intuition can often avoid unnecessary detours or errors, allowing one to reach their goals more quickly.

Personalized communication



I adapt my language to convey what I receive intuitively, fostering effective communication and better mutual understanding.

Trust and security 

In order to receive my intuition, it's necessary for me to be in a space of unconditional listening and receptivity, which invites people to open up and share their deepest concerns in complete trust

Flexibility in approach


Instead of following a pre-established model, I adjust my approach by intuitively receiving what will create the desired ease.

Who can benefit from the service I offer?

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I aim to contribute to those who desire:

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Aspiring to a life transformation from the inside out

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Background  13.png

Aligning with the vision that inhabits them

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Background  13.png

Aligning with a greater version of themselves

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Background  13.png

Internally clearing to attain greater tranquility and serenity

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Background  13.png

Exploring what is true for them

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Background  13.png

Releasing the stress caused by a situation

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Background  13.png


Freeing oneself from harmful emotions

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Background  13.png

Taking inspired actions

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Feeling a willingness to explore a coaching experience with me

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Choosing to receive the support of someone willing to facilitate your life is a courageous first step towards change and fulfillment.

If you are ready to engage in this process of growth and development, I am here to offer you my support and skills.

Feel free to contact me to discuss further how I can assist you to reach your full potential.

Whether you reside near me or miles away, our connection transcends borders. I can tap into your energetic world through the web.

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