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Edith Paul
Edith Paul, coach
Intuitive Coach

The Challenge of Trust: Navigating the Unknown with Faith


"Truly, Life, do you want me to do this?''


Though not the first time I've received guidance leading me towards a more WOW! life, filled with greater joy, freedom, ease, etc., this time, it truly posed a challenge!


This challenge involved living alone in a city where, despite my two years of residency, I knew no one. The fears, the insecurity, and the feeling of 'how will I manage alone?' were much more prevalent than the potential benefits this choice could bring.


But I did it, because I realized that in relation to Life, if I go against it, I'll suffer. Staying in my comfort zone when it's time to change would hurt me more than following what's ready to support me in life.


This experience pushed me to focus on what was possible, and that even if it was unknown, I could trust it rather than focusing on what was no longer in place.  

Making this choice has proven beneficial for both of us. It was necessary for us to have our own space to explore our own possibilities. Today, this relationship has evolved into an even deeper friendship.

Letting Go: A Journey to Authentic Essence

I gained valuable insights into Life and myself during those moments when I was guided to let go of romantic and friendly relationships, a job, various expectations, sufferings (it can sometimes be painful to let them go), beliefs to which I attached great value, sources of comfort that no longer served me, and much more. I learned that Life can only make me lose what is not part of my true essence. All these attachments to what I lost were actually constructions of my mind, my ego.


I've learned that Life can only strip away what is not part of my true essence. All the attachments and meanings I've assigned to what I've lost were actually creations of my mind, of my ego. I believe our life experiences offer us the possibility to draw closer to the innocence of our being. Life is a wonderful ally in freeing us from what we've identified with that doesn't represent our authenticity.


This journey, this relationship with Life, I have been on for 30 years. I have learned to surrender to something greater than myself, by making uncomfortable choices that led me towards a greater expression of my being, but at the same time, they brought out deep fears, insecurities, this inner world to which I had identified, but transformable because it does not represent who I really am.

Listening, Liberation, and Contribution: Towards an Aligned Life

This process continues to open me up to more acceptance of others, myself, and Life, inviting me to listen to what presents itself rather than resisting or reacting to it.


Throughout my journey, I've acquired techniques and perspectives that make dealing with losses easier, thus making my passage on Earth smoother. I use them to free myself from anything within me that breeds stress, conflict, and suffering. Sharing these tools and insights with those who are ready to facilitate their own journey on this Planet is one of the most enriching experiences for me. It nourishes my heart and gives meaning to my life, conferring deep value and undeniable joy.


Currently, I am facing a significant challenge: to live fully in harmony with my true nature, a reality that I almost maintained as an unreal dream. I am grateful to be aware of the approach to adopt towards Life, which involves following rather than forcing or resisting.  This way of approaching things to create a new reality will be beneficial and will ease my transition, especially as I find myself in all my vulnerability facing an unknown world.


  • B. Ed.

  • Certified MAP Coach

  • C.F.M.W.

  • Personal Coach - Coach U Certification 

  • Access Consciousness Body Process Practitioner

  • Access Consciousness Facelift Practitioner

  • Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner

  • Psych-K Facilitator

  • Public Speaker

  • Ecoute ton Corps Graduate

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