Edith Paul
Personal Coach

Consider the possibility to change with ease! 


Since I am a little girl, I find ways to facilitate people's lives.  Along my personal development, I have tested and experimented many tools. They became more and more simple, and they create lasting changes. 


I have a diligence and enthusiasm for change and possibilities. With questions, I use my intuition and psychic capacities to create clarity, to open up to greater possibilities, and to clear the limitations at the energetic level. People are liberated internally, become less in reaction and in a space of choice for their future. 


Teacher at heart, I have taught French and Mathematics to the Adult Education for more than 12 years. Today, I am teaching classes that offer tools that have the possibility to create miracles in the lives of those who use them. I am bilingual and I provide training and privates sessions to clear those stubborn lifelong limitations that limit you. Classes and sessions are available in French and in English. 


Which keys can I offer that would open the doors of the future you desire? 

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  • B. Ed.

  • C.F.M.W.

  • Personal Coach - Coach U Certification 

  • Access Consciousness Body Process Practitioner

  • Access Consciousness Facelift Practitioner

  • Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner

  • Psych-K Facilitator

  • Public Speaker

  • Ecoute ton Corps Graduate