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What Clients Say About Coaching Sessions With Their Superconscious (MAP Approach) and  Edith

What People Say About
Their Experience of Private Coaching with Edith

Here's an excerpt of Dianne's testimonial: 

- What did you get from these sessions?

- I got a life, I got me. I was pretty much locked up tight when I came to you... I thought little about myself, I certainly didn’t have anything positive to say. I would own that I did good work, but that’s about all. The rest of me was pretty much in a garbage can…

You helped me

  • change my self-image, my self-confidence,

  • gather myself to the point where I came up with new ways and new strategies of doing what I do now.

As a spiritual director, thanks to your coaching, my clients were much happier, more fulfilled and had a better relationship with the thing that each one of them believed in... I didn't have a very good life before I got to you.

Testimonial Food

What people say about
'Transform Your Relationship With Food' Class

The lightness is with me every day and your program has something to do with this.


I reduced my weight by almost 10 kg (22 lbs). My body and I communicate. The points of view disappear one by one. My body is different. I move on. It is extraordinary!


I have never felt anything like this! I love it!


Thanks to you!


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