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Would your life of ease include you as you truly are?


What if the best version of you is not the one you think you should, could or might be? 

What if being your ease was the greatest gift you are for you and for others?

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About Edith

I have a dream...


These words of Martin Luther King are such an inspiration for me.


My dream is that everyone on this planet becomes alive by living what is true for them and brings them joy and fun... with a sense of accomplishment. Would you be a contribution for you, for others and for the planet if you were honoring you this way? 

My intuitive and psychic capacities contribute to facilitate the creation of the life people desire. The tools and perspectives that I use have the possibility to make their limitations disappear, create clarity, ease and awareness for the future they know possible. 


Are you ready to be the hero of your own movie that is your life? 


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Thank you for your interest!

Don't hesitate to contact me by phone or by completing this form, and I would reply as soon as possible. 

PHONE : 1 (307) 263-9619

To reserve a private coaching session or a body process, use the following link. 


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Browns Point, Unites States 

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