Possibilities with Facelift

The more you give, the more you receive...

Me, before giving my first session

Me, after providing 14 sessions

Me, after providing 20 sessions

As you can see from the before and after photos, when you offer the Facelift you also receive the benefits. Beyond the physical changes of brightness and vitality around my eyes, nose and mouth, the energy I received during the Facelift process nourished my body to the bone. After the eighth session, I noticed more softness and peace with myself and others. ​

Here are pictures  of Gildas, 72 year-old, before his first session and after his  fourth session

After 4 sessions, Gildas had a firmer, smoother and more radiant skin, a more relaxed and joyful face with more vitality... aside from the wrinkles and lines less profound. 
Gildas' Testimonial:
''I observed during the five Facelift treatments that my face revealed progressively less deep wrinkles and a more firm skin. This morning, when I looked at the pictures before/after, I was pleasantly surprised that my face now reflects a light and an inner peace.

Receiving the treatment creates a great relaxation and activates energies in different parts of the body, especially those areas requiring assistance.

Things seem to naturally re-adjust in the body and in the being; I feel more peace since the beginning of the treatments.''


The vitality shift in Josee's energy is reflected in her face after the third session. Notice her vibrant and youthful appearance... and the peace after the 6th session. 


''Only a few sessions were required for me to feel the benefits of the Facelift. My face is now more serene, more peaceful. I experienced a more radiant look and feel of wellness and ease throughout my body. This healthy and natural method gives the body the boost required to reveal all its beauty. ''  


Observe the difference around Miles' nose and his mouth, and the brightness of his face... and the diminution of red spots. 

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