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MAP Sessions

Relieve your mind, enhance your life!

Thanks to the MAP (Make Anything Possible) approach, a new era of transformation for greater ease is available. This methodology is a fusion of mindfulness and neuroscience that reprograms/reorganizes connections in the brain, addressing all kinds of resistance and blockages, which allows you to overcome difficulties and problems.

Based on the discoveries of Dr. Garry A. Flint, Ph.D., this revolutionary approach to personal growth and well-being unlocks the incredible potential for self-metamorphosis of the brain, neutralizing emotions and beliefs from limiting past memories. It's the key to a life liberated from the burden of past traumas, emotional baggage, and restrictive beliefs.

We all possess within us a genius, a powerful force, which can fulfill our wishes for transformation and personal growth. This genius is, in fact, our subconscious, the silent observer of all our experiences. It has witnessed our life journey, knows the source of our difficulties, and has the means to access our untapped potential.

Inner genie can give you clarity about your life
Your subonscious is powerful, and the more you align it with your desires, the easier your life becomes

Our subconscious mind is incredibly powerful. It stores the memories, emotions, and beliefs that shape our behaviors and experiences. However, it also has the remarkable ability to transform these emotional memories and stored beliefs, thus opening the doors to a better and more fulfilling future.

Imagine your subconscious mind syncing with your aspirations, attracting the necessary resources to manifest your desires, instead of generating circumstances contrary to your wishes!

The subconscious is known by other names

our sacred nature, the divine self within us

the Superconscious

the infinite knowing, the wisdom within us

the being that we really are

the infinite being

the Higher Self, the true self

I will refer to it as the Superconscious.

One of the most remarkable aspects of the MAP approach is its ability to release traumas without requiring individuals to relive painful memories. Traumas can weigh heavily on our lives, affecting our emotions, behaviors, and overall well-being. But with MAP, once neutralized, we can recall past events without being overwhelmed by their emotional impact.

The MAP technique is gentle, providing a unique path to serenity. The process allows you to relax while your Superconscious (subconscious) neutralizes traumatic and limiting memories. The burden is lightened, and you are free to move forward without the weight of the past holding you back.   

When your brain is relaxed, all your body relaxes and  it's easier to access your greatness

What challenges are you currently facing?


Perhaps feelings of helplessness, conflicts, situations you're resisting or reacting to, which are demanding a lot of your energy? Are you forcing or imposing a way of living that no longer suits you? Do you feel stuck and experience the sensation of not being able to move forward? Well, know that your Superconscious is ready to help by releasing the source of these buried problems in your memories.

This evolutionary approach is not just a theory but a life-changing reality. The power to heal your mind, transform your life, and unlock your full potential lies within you. Don't let past limits, difficulties, and traumas define your future. It's time to take the first step or continue on the path to a brighter and more fulfilling life. Your Superconscious is ready to be your ally, your genius, in the quest for a better life.

You have the opportunity to explore the incredible potential of your Superconscious mind, whether through a personal journey or within a group context (in preparation). In the group setting, the emphasis will be on the collective, whereas individual sessions will center around your inner universe.The buttons below will open the doors to these various exceptional possibilities.

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