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Refresh Your Energetic Hygiene
for More Ease in 5D 


What would you say to improve your quality of life by improving your energetic hygiene? This invisible source has the power to upgrade the outcome of your life and living.  


Creating our lives in a 3D reality is limiting and fixed compared to creating it in 5D. 


Is it more natural for you to create in 5D? Removing the structure of 3D reality is required to move forward. 


Allowing the cleansing agent of these sessions to permeate your energy can create a greater ease in surfing the waves of 5D. 


During the 2-hour sessions, it will be possible to flush the weakened structures of limiting and fixed vibrational influences that create less than what you know possible. Let's co-create new awarenesses and contribute to new WOW's in your life and living.  

What you will receive: 


Sessions to purge your limitations


Tools and perspectives to use to ensure an ongoing hygiene of your energetic system


Awareness to disinfect your future actions and take back the conscious creating power that you really are 


Replays (audio and video) to perfect your liberations and learnings

Previously called « Clearing Blitz », these sessions are a contribution to bring more clarity, lightness, space, etc. of certain domains of your life don't shine ease and lightness, there's a strong possibility that your energies are parasitized by limiting beliefs.  


Would you like to facilitate your approach to 5D and diminish the contrast between where you are now and the 5D being that you truly are? 

Is it time to siphon the unhealthy, unsanitary, insalubrious, dirty that prevents mirroring nourishing and nurturing possibilities? 

How about aiming for the creator that you already are in 5D? 

Here are the first themes that will be approached to each session. You can register to all or one in particular. 

Ton corps du futur.jpg

Image by Peace with Love from Pixabay 

Align with your body of the future!

Thursday, July 21 at 7:00 PM PST
25 $US

Is your body one of the future? 

If it's light or if you perceive an expansion or an ease while asking this question, is your body a 5D one? 


Does he/she desire to participate in this class to have more ease to be this possibility? 



Thursday, July 28 at 7:00 PM PST
25 $US

Upgrade to a Growth Mentality 

In front of a new possibility, do you have a tendency to close in on yourself and refuse, or are you turned on by a new challenge? 

If you try to find reasons to not move forward, you probably have a fixed mindset. Is it time to free yourself from it and move with ease and confidence? 

It should be told that the 5D is about a growth mindset! Ready to have more ease to approach the possibilities that you really are?


Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay


Image by Peace with Love from Pixabay 

Having Life Going Through You VS Going Through Life ? 

Thursday, August 4 at 7:00 PM PST 
25 $US

Having Life going through us allows us: 

1) receiving the guidance of what is possible at the right moment rather than trying to find the answer, controlling the results, or forcing things prematurely;

2) welcoming who we are without the desire to be someone else;

3) allowing us to listen to what is present;

4) focusing on our light rather than our shadow, etc.

Would this approach allow more ease to living and trusting the present moment ?  

Vibrate to your brightness!

Thursday August 11 at 7:00 PM PST
25 $US

What would your Life look like if you were vibrating to your genius? 


Would this session open up for you to receive nuggets that will contribute to receive insights about your genius, while liberating limitations related to it? 


Image by Karin Henseler from Pixabay 

Happy Woman

Being Free of the Allergy/Aversion of You!

Thursday August 18 at 7:00 PM PST

25 $US

Are you allergic to yourself? Or do you have an aversion of you? 

Light or heavy? 

If one of those is light, does that appear at the physical level? Emotional? Spiritual? Mental? 


How much are you ready to let go of this aversion/allergy that you created against yourself? 


Would this clearing session/energetic liberations facilitate this process? 

Beyond Forcing... Allowing!

Thursday August 25 at 7:00 PM PST

25 $US

What would your life be if you were stopping forcing? 

Putting an end to trying to be someone that you are not? 

Breaking the habit of forcing yourself to do things that don't contribute to your life and living? 

Ceasing to force yourself to stay the same? 

And allowing you to be who you are!

Would lightness, grace, peace, expansion, joy, etc. be more present naturally? 

Consider this clearing session if forcing is still part of your way of living your life.   

Liberation Day

Registration to one or as-many-as-you-desire sessions

Choose the sessions you would like to atted

Thank you! A follow-up email will be sent to complete your registration! :)

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