Asking Questions to the Universe

Would you like the Universe adjust to what you desire to create?

What if you did not have to imagine, figure out, discover what is required to create the life of your dreams? 


Are you ready to receive guidance from the Universe that creates different situations that work for you and create more ease, expansion, joy and lightness? 


Are you ready to be the miracle and the magic that you really are? 


What if asking questions would open you up to all these possibilities? 

in this 3-hour class, you will receive:

  • audio and video replays

  • a manual of ?? pages of information (what, when, how, why, etc.) in regards to questions

  • questions to accelerate your creation process

  • questions to free you form limitations

  • a different level of awareness from which you ask your questions

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Investment: 50%, which means 50$US

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