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Asking Questions to the Universe

Would you like the Universe adjust to what you desire to create?

What if you did not have to imagine, figure out, or discover what is required to create the life of your dreams? 


It is possible to receive guidance from the Universe to create this with more ease, expansion, joy and lightness.


Asking questions to the Universe is one of the ways to access the miracle and the magic that you really are. 


By questioning the Universe, you:

  • Activate the quantum entanglements

  • Allow the Universe to contribute to your life and living

  • Empower the Universe to adjust to what you desire

  • Invite the Universe to support you

  • Assert what you desire to create

Each question represents an energetic possibility.

What if asking questions to the Universe would open you up to new possibilities to create what you know possible? 

Receive guidance by asking questions

In this 3-hour class, you will receive:

  • Audio and video replays

  • A manual of more than 28 pages of information (what, when, how, why, etc.) in regards to questions

  • Nine (9) approaches to create questions, with examples

  • Questions to activate the creation process of your future  

  • Questions to free you from limitations

  • A different level of awareness from which you ask your questions (if you already ask questions) that has the possibility to receive more, with more ease. 

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